Titan Fitness Medium Stud Mounted Pull Up Bar Chin Up 9′ Ceiling Wall Mount WOD

The best options for an at home gym is to install a pull up bar that is hard mounted into the framework of your house. This will give you the safest way to practice your bodyweight exercises.



From manufacturer description on Amazon:

  • Durability: Heavy duty steel, Thick 1″ steel bars provide excellent support up to 250 lb weight capacity
  • Installation: Centers on existing studs for mounting. Does not include mounting equipment, professional installation recommended.
  • Versatility: Holes in the side bars will also hold carabiners, punching bags, etc. Center of the bar can be used to hang bands, straps, and more.
  • Design: Adjust height of bar to hang 14″ or 22″ from the ceiling/wall; Best for 9′ ceilings
  • Dimensions: Side mounts – 24.5″x2″x1.25″, Bar – 46″, 1.25″ diameter; 50″ side to side; 23″ deep

The Titan Fitness stud-mounted pull-up bar is a great way to add to an existing gym or instantly turn a room into one! With multiple holes in the sidebars, you can easily adjust the chin-up/pull-up bar to the appropriate height for your needs. You can perform exercises to strengthen your back, upper body and lateral muscles. Does not include mounting equipment, but for best and safest installation, consult a professional.

– Can be mounted onto a wall or ceiling
– Adjustable bar lets you get closer to the wall or ceiling
– Easy to use with ropes, resistance bands, and more
– Non-slip paint on bar
– Made for 9′ ceilings
– Centers on existing studs for easy mounting

– Bar Dimensions: 46″ long, 1.25″ diameter 48.5″ side to side
– Wall mount dimensions – 24.5″x2″x1.25″ each
– Side bars: 23.5″x2″x1.25″
– Material: 14 gauge steel
– Weight: 27 lb
– Length: 50”
– Depth: 23″


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